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HoLiNeSs YoUtH ChOiR
GeNeRaL CoNf DeTaiLs


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here's the schedule from mary: (As of 7/08/01)

July 13th, Fri. 9PM (after Gen Conf meeting) Setup Risers and Sound (Mary, Kenny, Paul, Nate, Dave)

July 14th, Sat. 12:30PM Meet in the LAH choir room promptly at 12:30 for warm-ups (Bring $10)Please eat lunch before you come!
Jaime: Practice Heaven Is In My Heart for Banquet
1PM: Sing 4 songs & skit - Arms of Love(M), And Can It Be(B) This Baby(J), Shout to the Lord(V), Skit

Drivers: Darren, Bonnie, Valerie, Jaime, Lisa, Satoshi, Sung
1:45 PM: Go to mall (near Sequoia) By Groups: Eat a snack in the mall and play a game. (Paul, Please make map to Mall and Sequoia for drivers)
2:45 PM: Take equiment and risers to Sequoia (Kenny, Nate & Dave)
3:30 PM: Kenny, Nate and Dave: Set up sound (need MD player) Bring music stand (risers need to find someone to bring them)
4:45 PM: Choir Arrives at Sequoia - warm up in banquet room until folks arrive
5:00 PM: We are on the program somewhere toward the beginning (Sing Awesome God(B), You Are The Vine(M), Heaven Is In My Heart(J), Shout to the Lord(V)
6:00 PM: Go out to eat dinner.