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HoLiNeSs YoUtH ChOiR
pRaYeR ReQuEsTs - WLA youth

"And we can be confident that He will listen to us whenever we ask Him for anything in line with His will. And if we know that He is listening when we make our requests, we can be sure that He will give us what we ask for."
1 John 5:14-15


AJA GEORGE- age 14: I want to travel to Brazil to "make disciples," make new friends, and to have a
different experience than Japan.
Requests: The choir will pay attention and listen to their leaders, we will sing from our hearts, and for God's protection as we travel.

ZENJA GEORGE- age 9: I want to help the people in Brazil become Christians so they can all to go heaven, and I also want to learn more about Brazil.
Requests: For everyone to be safe; to make all of them go to heaven.

NAZUKI ITO- age 19: I have been learning the importance of being a witness for the Lord. I am excited to travel with the choir to Brazil and to see Him work. It is an honor to serve the Lord. I pray He will use the choir to do His amazing will. I know God will teach me so much through this trip.
Requests: That each choir member will have a heart of worship; to keep focus on why we are in Brazil; to spread the Good News; that the hearts of the people in Brazil will be prepared.

JILL IWASAKI- age 14: During the mission trip to Brazil, I want to be a vessel by spreading the Word and the reality of His amazing love. I hope that by serving my Lord, I can strengthen my own desire, knowledge, and relationship with God.
Requests: That the Lord will give each choir member patience and safety in Brazil; that we can be good Christian examples; that everyone will grow during the trip.

TIMOTHY MAKI- age 13: I want to go with the choir to Brazil because through our singing and the Gospel message, we can touch the hearts of all who listen and possibly lead them to Christ. What I hope to accomplish in Brazil is simply to preach the Gospel.
Requests: To be ready at all times to tell someone about God and his plan of salvation; to stay willing by sacrificing certain comforts; being willing to sing and share, and to stay focused on only God, his Word, and singing from our hearts.

KEIGA MATSUMOTO- age 13: I want to travel with the choir to Brazil because I know that this is what God would want me to do. I hope that I will be able to be a good witness and help people realize how awesome God is. I also hope to make new friends and interact with them.
Requests: That God will protect us, that we will be able to interact with the people in Brazil even though we don't speak Portuguese, and for maturity and patient with my brother during the trip.

SHUICHI MATSUMOTO- age 10: I want to tell others how much God loves them and show them that God told me to love one another. I also want to make people understand how wonderful God is.
Requests: For safety, to make sure no one will get lost, and that I can pay more attention.

DANA NAKASUJI- age 19: God has opened up a wonderful opportunity to go on this missions trip and I truly believe that not only will we be able to reach out to others, but He will reach out to our choir, blessing us with so much. I hope that we will be able to touch lives and plant seeds for new Christians.
Requests: To be focused spiritually, remembering the reason we are going. That we will be able to make new friends and not be segregated, that our choir will be obedient to God's calling and also to our leaders.

DARREN NAKASUJI- age 23: I am going to Brazil to minister to the choir members, especially to my brothers in Christ. I want to be a blessing to them, and hopefully, this will spill over, bless the Brazilian people, and ultimately, bless the heart of our Father.
Requests: That I won't be prideful but to give God the glory, patience with my group by loving them in ways I have never before, and to have the Lord give me His heart for Brazil.

GARRETT NAKASUJI- age 21: I believe that this ministry is not only designed as an outreach, but as an inreach program as well. Before we go out and tell people to know, grow, serve, and share Jesus Christ, we must first do these things ourselves. That is why it is important for each member of the choir to focus on developing our relationship with Christ.
Requests: To remind myself that there is nothing that we can do to bring people to Christ, for it is God's power that it at work within us that breaks hearts and brings people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Pray that God will use me effectively and that I will approach this missions trip with faith, hope, and love.

PAIGE NAKASUJI- age 16: I want to go on missions to Brazil because God is calling me to do so, and this is my opportunity. I'm hoping God will use me as a witness, and that I would take the opportunities He gives me to share.
Requests: That I will not be afraid to share the gospel, to not stay in comfort zones. To remind myself that it isn't just a performance, but worship to honor, praise, and glorify our Lord. To be aware of God's presence because He is with us always. When we get scared, nervous, anxious, or irritable, that we will turn to Him.

CRISTINA SALAMANCA- age 12: I want to travel to Brazil to spread the Word of God and since I saw the movie Left Behind, I don't want people to get left behind.
Requests: I want God to help my words make a difference in other people's hearts. I want for God to help me sing, listen, and speak from my heart.

EMILY WONG- age 18: I want to travel with the choir to Brazil because it is a great opportunity to share God's love with others. I feel it'll be a time to not only bless others, but to also be blessed and grow as a Christian. I hope to serve God with a right heart and focus, touching the lives of choir members as well as the Brazilians.
Requests: For patience, to treat others the way I want to be treated; to stay focused and remember that I'm there because I love God and want to serve Him; for unity among the choir- serve God and the people in Brazil as one body in Christ.

JEREMY WONG- age 21: In previous Japan missions trips, I have not been able to see the fruit of our service in the lives of the people in Japan. However, I have seen the great harvest and blessings bestowed by God in the hearts of our choir members and church community. It is my hope that God will bless the people of Brazil as He has blessed our choir.
Requests: That God will be my Lord as I serve Him and Him only; I must decrease so He may increase.
Pray for the relationships between the choir members. May we serve as a true body, one that encourages and strengthens each other. Pray also for the leaders, Mary, Kenny, Bonnie, & Paul, to find times of refreshment and peace amongst the stress and chaos of this trip.

TIM WONG- age 14: I want to travel with the choir to share God's love with others. I hope that through the choir, the people will more fully understand our love for God. I hope to develop many close relationships with the fellow Brazilians and that they will accept Jesus into their lives.
Requests: That many lives will be touched from this trip, that God will keep us safe, and that we will be good examples wherever we go.

FIFI YOUNG- age 13: I want to introduce some people to Christianity. Even if the people we meet don't accept God, it'll take time and at least we know we shared with them. I hope to share God's love to some of the less fortunate.
Requests: That I will be a good choir member, that I won't fight with my sister, and to help the choir to be a good influence to the people in Brazil,

NICOLE YOUNG- age 11: I want to touch the hearts of people wherever we go and sing.
Requests: For protection of the choir in Brazil, as well as my family. That everything will go smoothly in Brazil.