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HoLiNeSs YoUtH ChOiR
pRaYeR ReQuEsTs - Leaders

choir leaders

BONNIE NAKASUJI- I hope that God will use the choir to bring a message of God's love to our South American brothers and sisters and create a bridge of unity across continents through His promise of salvation.
Requests: That I can be sensitive, discerning, and a disciplined leader; that God's presence will touch, grow, and become more real in the heart of each choir member; that the music, testimonies, and skits will effectively carry His message and that the choir will be worthy examples.

PAUL NAKASUJI- I want to have an opportunity meet Brazilians (Christians & non-Christians), to provide encouragement and support for the choir entourage, and to be a witness of God's love and faithfulness.
Requests: That I can maintain my focus on the purpose of the mission amid the uncertainties of travel in an unfamiliar environment; also maintain my health and energy level; pray for the travel and support logistics.

VALERIE OISHI- I want to travel to Brazil with the choir because I feel that I can be a servant, not just to Christ whom I serve first, but to Mary and Bonnie as a third hand. My hope is to also minister, in the best way I can, to the people I meet there. I hope to somehow establish at least one friendship that will go beyond the 3 weeks we are there.
Requests: To be able to spend time with God in order to prepare my heart and mind; learn to hear God's voice as He leads me during this trip; to keep a joyful attitude and to have patience.

KEN TABUCHI- Just as our first trip to Japan, I'm somewhat unsure as to what I can to do to insure a successful mission in a totally unfamiliar culture. I hope that I will have a better grasp of the people and an understanding of the conditions in the 3 weeks we are there.
Requests: For safety, new friends in God, and an abundance of portable water.

LISA TABUCHI- I want to travel with the choir to Brazil to support and help in any way needed and to be used by God to share the love and joy given to us to the people we meet in Brazil.
Requests: Pray for the group to keep their focus on God and to remember the purpose for our trip; pray that the non-Christians will have open hearts; pray for God to use the group as a whole and individually to share His love through song, testimony, or actions.

MARY TABUCHI- I want to travel to Brazil to (1) plant a seed in the "unsaved and unchurched" people through our songs and testimonies. (2) demonstrate how children can develop their God-given gifts to minister. (3) strengthen our relations with our sister Conference and churches. (4) provide a mission experience, hoping that the youth will also serve as adults.
Requests: To be prepared for the opportunities scheduled and take advantage of those unscheduled; to receive traveling mercies and good health; the youth will be "ambassadors for Christ" through their music, testimonies, and friendships.