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jill's pictures
londrina & presidente prudente
campo grande & santo andre
sao paulo, sao bernardo, bosque
our last concert
i.e.h.b. holiness
brazil to LAX
thoughts on brazil
our prayer letter
memories of brazil 2001
sao paulo, sao bernardo, bosque

making art at pinacoteca ("passion" & "fiesta")...sao bernardo, singing at the open air market, doing laundry at I.E.H.B holiness...internet access at mcdonalds...bosque church, Missau Cena group home (Aclame Senhor)...eating at Habib's...arigato..."thank you" luncheon with pastors...

pinacoteca art museum

doing laundry @ IEHB holiness

playing cards at IEHB holiness



sao bernado concert

em, mari, saori, cute kids

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singing at open air market

group home

shout to the lord

yoshi, scotty


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internet at mcdonalds

jon, yoshi, sung

jill, paige, keiga

eating at habib's