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prayer letter
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"Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:19


KENGO HA- age 11: I want to serve God by singing. I always think that Im doing it for God.

Requests: That we would think about God when we sing for others, for us to have a good time, to learn more about God.

SEIGO HA- age 13: I want to go to Brazil because the last time I went, everyone was nice and it is a way to get closer to God. I hope to be able to get people to become Christians.

Requests: I hope at least 10 people will become Christians, to be closer with God, and that people will understand God.

MINORU HIROTSU- age 11: I want to go to Brazil cause it was fun last time I went. I hope to become closer to God and Jesus this time.

Requests: That we will spread the Word to non-Christian Brazilians.

KEIKO HIROTSU- age 20: I want to be used as a flashlight, to be used as a tool to lead people who are in the darkness to the right path, to find those who are not on the path yet, and to be a good example and role model to encourage others to get involved in missions. Whether it be through singing, teaching, or building projects, God can use anyone and everyone to share His word and to show His love.

Requests: I would like to be able to affect someones life, I want to be an open door, welcoming them to experience Gods grace and love, and hopefully change their life forever. I want to experience a miracle, to see someone saved through the choirs effort. That each choir member will use this missions trip to grow closer to God and keep the right mindset and attitude, performing for the right reason and to be patient and love one another, no matter how difficult and frustrating the situation may be.

MAKIKO HIROTSU- age 21: The past mission trips with the choir have been amazing and unforgettable experiences. During this opportunity to go to Brazil with the choir, I want to grow closer to God and serve Him, most importantly with a servants heart. I hope to make many new friends, build strong relationships, and learn about the different culture.

Requests: To make a few new friends in the short time Ill be there and to have the confidence to share Jesus with them. To be an understanding and supportive small group leader, where the kids can come to me at any time for any reason. To have patience and positive energy everyday, especially in hectic and unexpected situations.

ERICA NAGAI- age 13: I want to travel to Brazil because I want to do something meaningful for God. I hope to spread His message as well. I also want to get to know the people there, and the other choir members better as well.

Requests: That God will help us to touch the lives of people who hear us sing, that everyone will stay healthy, that God will reveal more of His works and miracles.

JONATHAN NITAO- age 18: I hope to gain the experience of becoming a missionary. I hope that I am able to share my beliefs and experiences with the choir and the people in Brazil. I hope that when the people see me, that they will only see the love of Jesus Christ.

Requests: I want to focus on God the entire time Im in Brazil. That I would be able to share scripture. That every choir member will experience Gods word.

AI NOGIMURA- age 16: I want to travel with the choir because I think it will strengthen me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I hope to see God through our songs and the people of Brazil.

Requests: To protect the choir, to be able to share the good news with people around us through song, and to give our choir leaders the energy to deal with everything.

SCOTT ZORIKI-age 16: I want to go to Brazil because thats where I feel God is leading me. I want to be able to see God work though the youth choir to the people of Brazil.

Requests: That God will work though us to move the people we see in Brazil who may not know Him. I want to see people be moved by what we share with them.


VALERIE OISHI- I want to travel with the choir to serve in any capacity necessary to help the kids minister to others (a Martha), but also to be ministered to by the people we meet and by seeing and hearing Gods love in action (a Mary).

Requests: To be able to be still enough to see God working in times of greatest activity, busyness or stress. To be able to form deeper relationships with choir members and in turn deepen my relationship with God. For patience, kindness, and the ability to love the unlovable.

KEN TABUCHI- Expand your horizons...this can be accomplished in many ways open a book, listen to music, taste, smell...all of these come into play. Im sure the choir members were recipients of many new experiences on the last missions trip. But more important is the goal of expanding the knowledge of our hosts in Brazil about Gods Word through music and hopefully a lot of smiles.

Requests: Traveling mercies, especially due to the uncertain state of the world. Staying healthy on the run.

LISA TABUCHI- I want to continue the relationships we have made with our sister churches in Brazil to further strengthen this partnership. I want to be a servant, to be used by God in any way, great or small.

Requests: Please pray for the spiritual preparation of every person going on the trip. Pray that we may be used to further the ministries of the churches in Brazil. Pray for us to focus on the purpose of our trip while in Brazil.

MARY TABUCHI- Just being part of the group has blessed me abundantly, its a privilege! I hope to bring unbelievers to Christ. When the churches invite non-Christians to our concerts, I pray that the music and lyrics will speak to them and bring them to Christ. I pray that with the experience gained, a large number of the members will continue to go on missions as adults.

Requests: That many non-believers will attend our outreach concerts. That God provides traveling mercies and provides us good health. That God continues to broaden our territory and uses us for His will.



LEA ENDO- age 15: Ive always wanted to go on a missions trip since I was young, but my parents didnt think I was ready. This year Im ready and my parents also agree. I feel that it will be an unforgettable experience and that it would be a great chance for me to spread the Word and get closer to God.

Requests: That God will show Himself to me and all His good works Hes done in Brazil. That God would prepare everyone spiritually and physically, and that I will get closer to God and our relationship will be stronger.

DANA FURUYAMA- age 13: I want to go on the Brazil trip to see what God can do through me. I want to witness Gods love to people who dont know Him yet. I hope to meet new people that I might be able to keep in touch with even after the choir comes back home. I hope that this experience will help me have a deeper relationship with God.

Requests: That I can share the Word with three people, for a safe flight, and to stay healthy.

AJA GEORGE- age 15: I am going to Brazil because this is where God has led me to go. It is always wonderful to share the gospel with people that you dont know that well. When God gives you an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, you should take it.

Requests: That God will give me an opportunity to make a lot of friends to witness to and that Gods love will shine through us, more than ever before.

ZENJA GEORGE- age 11: I want to go to Brazil because God told me to go and make people Christians and I want to share God. I hope many people will believe in God.

Requests: That God spreads His word through us to many people.

NAZUKI ITO- age 21: As I am given yet another opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and travel with the choir to Brazil, I hope to develop a genuine heart of a servant. I am expecting to be stretched in so many ways and through each experience, I hope to fall deeper and deeper in love with Jesus. Through my love for Him, I pray that I can be a true witness to those who may not know the love of Christ.

Requests: Spiritual preparation, so that I can be joyful in every situation and turn to God in times of need. Patience, its easy to get frustrated when you are tired. That we would stay healthy.

JILL IWASAKI- age 16: This missions trip will be an amazing opportunity to bless and to be blessed in Brazil. I want to be able to praise the same God with people who speak a different language and come from a different culture. I hope that we can change a life, improve ourselves, and ultimately make God smile.

Requests: My prayer request is that our choir and the people in Brazil may be able to unite to glorify God. I hope that we will be able to embrace the unexpected and to always keep our focus on Christ.

BJ LOUIE- age 13: I want to go to serve God and sing to outreach to the people in Brazil. I hope that I will be a better person and see what God has in store for me.

Requests: That I will be able to help someone and show them Christ, that I will become closer to God, and that I wont be so tired when I come back.

KIM LOUIE- age 21: I wanted to travel with the choir to Brazil because I want other non-Christians to know God. I want to accomplish this and experience Gods will for me.

Requests: That God will use me, let me share His word, and let me serve God wholeheartedly.

KEITH LOUIE- age 18: I want to travel with the choir to Brazil because I want to share Gods word and experience a missions trip. I hope to accomplish sharing Gods word, to see the many things God has to show me, and experience what God has in store for me.

Requests: That we experience Gods love, that our voices would be used to minister to the people in Brazil, and for the people in Brazil who do not know Christ.

TIMOTHY MAKI- age 15: I want to serve God and spread the good news to the people in Brazil. I hope to be able to build friendships so that I can tell them about God in a deeper, more personal way.

Requests: That I would do everything with a servants heart, that I would be sincere when Im singing, and that my stomach wouldnt hurt as much as the last trip.

KEIGA MATSUMOTO- age 15: I want to travel to Brazil to serve God. I want to know what I am capable of doing for God. I hope to be able to meet and make new friends to share Gods words with. I hope that God will be able to use me.

Requests: That I will have an open heart and open mind to everything God puts in my path. That I will be able to be humble enough to stop being self-centered and put others above me. To grow in my walk with God.

SHOTARO MATSUMOTO- age 10: I will go to Brazil and praise God more. I will accomplish helping people and try to make more Brazilians believe in God. I will pray to God everyday that we dont get sick.

Requests: That we dont get sick, that the plane arrives safely. I want to be able to praise God more.

SHUICHI MATSUMOTO- age 12: I want to help people know about God and I want to have fun. I hope I can help others learn about God and make a new friend.

Requests: For safety, to make sure no one gets sick, and to be successful in spreading Gods word.

DANA NAKASUJI- age 21: I hope to be used as Gods missionary by building bridges from the churches to the people who are not saved in Brazil. I hope that our music and the people we attract to our concerts will be connected to the churches of Brazil where they can be saved and continue to be grounded in their faith and grow in their relationship with the Lord.

Requests: Endurance choir missions trips are exhausting! Pray that God will renew us each day so we do our job without complaining. Focus to help me focus on the task that needs to be done and to be focused on the cross while we do our task. The lost souls in Brazil that they will come to our concerts and get connected with the church and ultimately be saved.

GARRETT NAKASUJI- age 23: During a class called "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement," we were challenged to consider the following question: "Dont ask what Gods will is for me. Ask what Gods will is for the world and how can I be a part of His will." The Bible reveals His bring God glory throughout the nations. I have been given a wonderful opportunity to bring Him glory to the nation of Brazil through the partnership of our choir and the Brazilian church.

Requests: Pray for Gods glory to be revealed to the people of Brazil. Pray that my faith would be stretched as I serve Him though the choir. Pray that God would humble me so my pride wont interfere with Gods work.

PAIGE NAKASUJI- age 17: My relationship with God has always been me-focused; "God help me with this, God give me strength, or God help me with this problem." But through the past choir camps, Ive been learning that I dont give God enough of my time and servanthood as He has always given me. I am hoping that God would teach me what a true servant and follower of Christ really means and that I could give back to Him in this small way for all Hes done for me.

Requests: That I wouldnt focus so much on the hard work that is required, but serve God with patience, faith, and will all my heart. That I wouldnt be afraid or avoid witnessing when God gives me the opportunity, and that God would bless me.

CRISTINA SALAMANCA- age 14: I hope to make a new friend that I can talk to about God and to get to know people better.

Requests: That everyone does this mission for God with a good heart, that everyone would be safe, and that God would touch everyone in a special way.

JUNIOR SANKER- age 14: I want to travel with the choir to Brazil because I want to share God through singing and touch peoples hearts.

Requests: That I can grow in Christ more and know Him a lot better, that I can become more open-minded, and that I can experience Gods love and His wonders.

STACY SANKER- age 9: I want to go to Brazil so I can praise God more.

Requests: I hope no one gets sick. Help me get closer to God and help everyone to sing well.

DAICHI TSURUTA- age 22: I am going to Brazil to glorify God, to minister to the choir members, especially the brothers, so that they might glorify God (1 Peter 4:11b), and to minister to the people of Brazil.

Requests: Soli Deo Gloria for Gods glory alone (1 Corinthians 10:31). To minister for Gods glory to 1) the choir members, that I study, practice, and teach the Bible (Ezra 7:10). To help them grow a delight for the Word of God and for world evangelism. 2) the people of Brazil (Colossians 4:5-6). To be a heartful and mindful worshipper (John 4:23-24, 1 Corinthians 14-15b).

EMILY WONG- age 20: Id like to travel to Brazil because I love God and want to serve Him. God has blessed me, and I want to express my gratitude to Him through this trip. My hope is that I learn what it means to be a true servant, unto God as well as others. I want to be able to put what I learn about serving into action.

Requests: That God will keep me focused on Him and the reason Im there. For a servants heart and attitude, that I would be humble and put others first. For integrity and wisdom. For a thankful spirit, that I would not complain, but look at the positive in all things.

TIMOTHY WONG- age 16: I hope to reach out to people in Brazil that arent fortunate enough to receive the things that we daily take for granted. I want to leave a lasting impact on the youth of Brazil. I wish to express the same love that God has shown me. I would like to know several of the choir members on a deeper level.

Requests: That many would accept Christ as their personal savior, that we would allow God to use us to our full potential, for safety, that the choir members would support one another, and that wed serve for the right reasons.

CAROL YOUNG- age 8: I want to go to serve God. I also want to see how they react to people from the US and what they think about our songs and the gospel. I want to have fun singing with the choir.

Requests: To keep my parents and grandma safe. To let us have good food and be healthy. To keep the choir safe with God.

FIFI YOUNG- age 15: I want to go to Brazil because I want to do something meaningful for God. Im unworthy, but I know that by going, I will help spread the Word.

Requests: Help me to watch over my sisters and be more kind to everyone. To be more open in being able to help someone become a Christian. Help to be humble and remember that I am the servant.

NICOLE YOUNG- age 13: I want to get to know my choir members better. I want to learn more things about myself and God. I want to learn the purpose of my life. People tell me my purpose in life is living for God, but I want to find out for myself.

Requests: That my parents and friends will be safe at home. I want to make new friends. That everything would go well in Brazil.


BONNIE NAKASUJI- I want to travel with the choir in order to help give the choir members an opportunity to experience serving in missions. I would like God to grow me to have a more servant heart and to use me to teach others to do the same. I would like to be used by God to plant the "seeds of His message of salvation" to anyone He would give me to witness to. I want to use this concentrated time serving Him to "grow in Him" and grow closer in my relationship with Him. I want to be used by God to help facilitate future ministries between North and South America.

Requests: That I will be a humble and wise leader. That the choir as a whole will be united in His purpose and that we will all be worthy and effective examples as children of Jesus. That we will develop sister/brother-in-Christ relationships with the new Brazilian friends we make. That I will be aware of His leading and obedient in being used by Him to facilitate and improve "Disability Awareness" in Brazil.

PAUL NAKASUJI- I want to be obedient to Gods Great Commission in going with the choir to Brazil. I want to be used in any way that the Lord directs me to follow and to support the choir members and the leaders.

Requests: That I be open and receptive to Gods calling, and that I be obedient in following what He wants me to do. That I have patience and understanding, especially when things get hectic and do not go according to plan. That I can be a consistent example of what Gods love is, and can be bold in sharing that love.

And we can be confident that he will listen to us whenever we ask him for anything in line with his will. And if we know that he is listening when we make our requests, we can be sure that he will give us what we ask for.

1 John 5:14-15